What is the Canadian Urban Forest Research Group?

The Canadian Urban Forest Research Group (CUFRG) is a loose network of urban-forest scholars and practitioners interested in undertaking and disseminating scholarly work about urban forests. The group formed as a consequence of a research program on urban-forest values, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and based at the School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. A member of CUFRG is anyone who wants to profile his or her scholarship on the site. If you want to participate, contact one of the members of the core group at Dalhousie: James Steenberg (james.steenberg@dal.ca), post-doctoral fellow; David Foster (david.foster@dal.ca), research associate, or Peter Duinker (peter.duinker@dal.ca), professor.


Why does the website exist?

  • To promote and disseminate scholarship about urban forests in Canada

We believe that the greater the access to information about people and publications concerned with urban forests and knowledge about them, the better.

  • To allow urban-forest researchers to promote their skills and work

Most of us have our own websites to promote our work, and use media such as ResearchGate, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This website offers yet an additional way to promote ourselves as scholars and also our projects and publications.

  • To encourage collaboration among urban-forest researchers and practitioners

We believe that urban-forest scholars across Canada could be better networked. Perhaps this website will foster that networking, which is likely to result in highly beneficial collaborations.

  • To provide members with a means of quick dissemination of new ideas

An email listserv already exists in the form of CANUFNET. On this website, members can post opinion pieces and commentaries that will remain posted for the long term. To reduce the administrative burden, we will not offer an open comment space. Commentary authors can be contacted directly if readers wish to open a dialogue.